Sylvia Schumacher retires

Sylvia Schumacher, although small in stature, has a big voice and an even bigger laugh!

Sylvia Schumacher

During her 49 years at the Centre, she displayed a wonderful work ethic, was always enthusiastic and took enormous pride in her work.  She was also extremely fussy about her paintbrushes and took extra special care of them.  She was always willing to teach her skills to other workers.  Everyone who knows Sylvia also knows about her passion for dogs.  Sylvia used to travel daily to town by train and then catch a taxi to Astra Centre.  It has been reported by the regulars on the taxi that “it is very quiet without Sylvia!”  The Staff and Workers at Astra miss her cheerful face, her positive outlook on life and her wonderful sense of humour.  Sylvia is wished a contented retirement, in good health and happiness, surrounded by plenty of canine companions.

Hard at work....



  1. philip says:

    Great to see you posting stories and people LOVE stories about people. And you are acknowledging Sylvia which is great.
    Keep up the postings pleeeeze!

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