David Krakauer thrills! Klezmer triumphs!

David Krakauer pulled out all the stops and the audience responded in trumps.

Klezmer Madness was a concert that showcased Krakauer and his extraordinary collaboration with Matthew Reid and the Playing with Fire musos.

The concdert kicked off with 5 numbers with Matthew Reid starting with only violin, accordion and double base.  The next numbers included the guitar and drums.  The final number of the set was African Freylach, Reid’s choice to give a Cape Town welcome to David Krakauer.

The magic was in both the brilliant musicianship and Krakauer’s raport with the audience, as he told of his journey into the world of klezmer.  His skill with the clarinett was only surpassed by his passion.

Audience response?  “Genius!”  “A spiritual experience.” “Nothing prepared me for this…”

A memorable evening, which also raised funds for the CJSA and JCC.


David Krakauer, Philip Todres, Hannah Reeve – Saunders





Fay Singer, Abe Sank, David Krakauer




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