Nechama Newsletter April Issue.

Keep up-to-date with the happenings in Nechama.

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An outline of what is in the newletter:

The executive Director’s Report is outlined by Avigail Popack and Chairman’s Message by Barry Pogrund.

Rabbi M Liebenberg from Claremont Wynberg Synagogue tells a great story called, The ‘Missing Member’ as Pesach was approaching.

A Heartfelt Letter is expressed to help us experience how hard loss may feel to the person in that position. “This letter could be any mourner’s plea, expressing just how they feel, and would like to be understood by their inner circle”.

Have a question? Ask your Rabbi! This supplement deals with questions and answers to the rabbi.

Next in the newsletter we looks at at what the torah says about acting kindly to others. This meaningful passage is something we can all learn from.

A story “A Life Well lived”. (A tribute to Alice Sommer Herz) By Luise Swiel.  Alice lived life to its full, quoted saying “Music is mankind’s greatest miracle – from the first note, one is transported into a higher other world, that is how it was when we played or listened in the ghetto.”

Lets learn from Simon Jacobson about ‘Body and Soul – One Person, Two Worlds’, an extract from “Towards a Meaningful Life”

Cant imagine living without your cell phone? Hear from Blumie Abend how she did it!

Lastly, our save the date section. Make sure to add it to your diary!


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