Shifra Says: Passover: A time to deliberate its meanings

Passover is the perfect time for dignifying the liberation of all peoples,  as well as celebrating our history and values as Jews. The Pesach rituals are very important, and as a secular progressive Jew, for me, it is an accompaniment to thinking about what freedom means, collectively and individually, and trying to make changes to incorporate more freedom, for ourselves, for others. For thousands of years, Jews (and our non-Jewish allies) have affirmed this vision by participating in the Passover Seder. As a proud Jewish woman I celebrate the steps and learnings from my culture that inspire me as a human being, and a Jew in the struggle for building a world of freedom and peace.


To my knowledge and from my upbringing, Jewish values support generosity, caring for others, and
having compassion, especially on pesach, for the stranger. Pesach reminds us of the wisdom of welfare and the giving to others as the best gift we can give to ourselves.

I take this opportunity on behalf of Jewish Care Cape to celebrate the diversity that exists and lives within our community, and to value the resources that we have within our reach to promote caring and sharing for those who struggle daily. I think of Pesach as my responsibility as a Jew to look critically at my own individual behaviour and at our  collective communal behaviour. It is an opportunity to be humbled, as we were once slaves, and to reach out to those who still suffer enslavement in whatever form. Freedom, striving against oppression and enhancing justice for all, are some of the values that Pesach instill in me.



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