Oranjia Services

Oranjia Residential Services and Group Care

  • Oranjia is a group home offering 24 hour residential care for Jewish children and youth operated by a team of trained and skilled youth care practioners.
  • A structured but flexible therapeutic milieu and routine to meet individual and group needs.
  • Management of children and youth with emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • Provision of physical, emotional, social and spiritual care.
  • Clinical assessment of children, youth and families.
  • Treatment programmes for children, youth and families.

The programme provides services to meet all physical, medical, dental, emotional, social, educational, recreational and spiritual needs in a Jewish environment for children and youth aged from two to eighteen years, after which a transition can be made to an aftercare programme.

Aftercare Programmes

1. Residential Aftercare

This service is offered to residents of Oranjia who have reached the age of 18 who are unable to return to their families and are not ready for independent community living. These residents are allowed to remain at Oranjia while they are assisted to further their education, find employment and acquire the life skills necessary to make the transition into independent living.

  • Providing further residential care for Oranjia residents who having reached the age of 18 are not able to return to their families.
  • To assist these residents in furthering their education and make the transition from school to University or College.
- Providing the resident with the necessary support and basic counselling around obtaining employment, handling interviews and preparing a CV.
  • To further healthy adult development by encouraging the resident to take more responsibility for themselves.
  • Assessing, formulating and implementing an Individualised plan for each resident.
- Assisting residents where necessary to maintain active connections with their families.
  • To work co-jointly with Jewish Community Services in meeting the needs of these residents.

2. Aftercare/Daycare

When children and youth of school going age are ready to leave the residential programme, they and their families need support in making the transition. To facilitate this, the professional team provide the following aftercare services:

  • Practical and emotional support to aftercare children and youth and their families.
  • Day care facility at the residential unit.
  • Resource networking for families, children and youth.
  • Assistance with transition from residential care to community living.
  • Home visits and regular contacts.
  • Family counselling.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Case management and assessments.
  • Material support.

 The support offered can continue for a considerable amount of time after residential care.

Social Work/Counselling Services.
  • Individual and group work with children and youth in residence and in aftercare.
  • Family work including practical, social and emotional support and crisis intervention with families.
  • Parent support.
  • Case management and assessments and liaison with other professionals.
  • Recruiting host families for residents.