David Cole

Our West Coast members enjoyed a special morning with David Cole who enthralled them with an informative talk on the Dead Sea Scrolls. .

David Krakauer thrills! Klezmer triumphs!

Fay Singer, David Krakauer, Matthew Reid

David Krakauer pulled out all the stops and the audience responded in trumps. Klezmer Madness was a concert that showcased Krakauer and his extraordinary collaboration with Matthew Reid and the Playing with Fire musos. The concdert kicked off with 5 numbers with Matthew Reid starting with only violin, accordion and double base.  The next numbers […]

Nelson Mandela Day

Happy Birthday Madiba

The 18 July is designated Nelson Mandela Day by the UN and people are asked to give 67 minutes of service in honour of our former President and international elder statesman. KleZmeR MadNESS will be our way of dedicating 67 plus minutes of inspirational soul music, while you show your support for welfare organisations under […]