PRICE LIST for Astra’s beautiful new catalogue

Price List – 2012

Click on this link to view the prices.  To view the catalogue, click on “Download Astra Catalogue” on the left hand side of Astra’s home page


  1. stephaniemyers says:

    I am in London at the moment and my daughter who lives here wanted to give a donation to Astra on the occasion of a friends wedding. I regret to say that the website is very user UNfriendly and when it came to placing the cursor on the word “donate”………..nothing happened.
    The website to all the charities is not easily accesible……….even Oranjia didnt show up properly.

  2. Margaret Levick says:


    I would like to know whether the stacking tortoise wooden toy comes in girl colours?

    If so I would like to order one.



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