About JCC

The seven Welfare organisations of Jewish Care Cape have met regularly during the last year and there is a deep commitment from all the members to achieve co-operation in regard to delivering JCC’s mission statement extracts of which are as follows:


JCC aims to be responsive to the community’s psycho-social and other health care needs through the autonomous social service agencies each with their own governing body and professional management structures.


There is clearly now a more effective and co-operative working relationship between the organisations. A professional medical roster has been established whereby these professionals can be called upon to volunteer their services in a defined manner for the benefit of those in need of such services. We have examined ways to achieve economies and best practices and are adopting these where it is warranted, and we are making progress in establishing an equitable and responsible employment framework.


  • Supporting vulnerable members of the Jewish community by providing social services to all who need.
  • Striving to reach and maintain the highest levels of professional standards, social work principles and ethics.
  • Offering programming and services within a structure of caring, confidentiality and respect for human dignity.
  • Actively supporting professionals in their designated tasks by providing support for clinical and emotional supervision, and by providing for the reasonable material needs of the professionals on duty.
  • Valuing and encouraging the collaborative efforts of all staff, volunteers and supporters..
  • Creating programming, which reflects the changing needs of the populations we serve.
  • Seeking collaborative efforts with individuals, groups and community agencies & resources to ensure continuing identification & provision of needs & services to our community.
  • Professionally and efficiently setting standards for all human resource staffing and benefit issues for all agencies according to a consistent and fair policy based on negotiations, consensus and respect.
  • Ensuring cost saving by establishing the most efficient ways to optimise administrative and related activities whilst balancing the needs of actual social service delivery and individual agency autonomy.




  • Philip Todres: (JCC Chairman)
  • Motti Lewis: (Discretionary – JCC Vice Chairman)
  • Shifra Jacobson: (JCC ADMIN)
  • Merle Furman: (ASTRA   Director)
  • Peter Greenberg: (ASTRA   Chairman)
  • Diana Sochen: (CJSA Director)
  • Philip Todres: (CJSA Chairman)
  • Mervyn Stein: (GLENDALE Director)
  • Dalia Lichtenstein: (GLENDALE Chairman)
  • Harris Burman: (HIGHLANDS HOUSE Director)
  • Herbert Maltz: (HIGHLANDS HOUSE Chairman)
  • Anne Marx: (JCS Administrator)
  • Paul Berman: (JCS Chairman)
  • Avi Popack: (NECHAMA Director)
  • Barry Pogrund: (NECHAMA Chairman)
  • Belinda Slavin: (ORANJIA Director)
  • Rodney Stein: (ORANJIA Chairman)
  • Simon Brodovcky: (UJC Finance Director)
  • Barry Levitt: (UJC Executive Director)
  • Geoff Cohen: (Discretionary)